About Chris Hawley

Chris CarvingChris is a native Texan.  Born in Bryan, he spent his growing up years in the Galveston Bay area. He started working at age 9 on shrimp boats but eventually had an engineering career that took him away from Texas. His retirement dream was to return to the Texas gulf coast.  Dreams do come true: he and his wife make their home in Laguna Vista; his “sweat shop” is in Port Isabel.

Not one to gather moss – and finally free to be out of the office – Chris has rekindled an interest in wood sculpting. In south Texas, he has discovered the beauty and uniqueness of mesquite. Some of the local mesquite can grow big, and Chris saves all the big ‘ns he can from the barbeque grill! Mesquite is hard and demanding to carve. The pieces are roughed out with a chain saw and then are further sculpted, using grinders and sanders. Most have a clear finish, leaving the grain and natural color to speak for themselves; a few are stained for enhancement. Each piece is an original with its own personality, hidden until the bark and sawdust fly! His emphasis is on coastal life – creating birds, dolphins, fish, seashells, and turtles. Many are unusual such as octopuses, squids, and sting rays. And he often surprises with creations of dragons, mermaids, ocelots, raptors, saints, and who-knows-what next…

The carvings will be at home wherever they are.  Whether you hang your hat in deep south Texas or anywhere else, they will speak to you of Paradise!